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Издатель: Владимир А. Окороков / «Эксклюзивные Отели Мира»
Publisher: Vladimir A. Okorokov
Дизайн: Вячеслав Стабровский / CAN-Heads design
Design: Viacheslav Stabrovski
Тексты: Ольга Свиридова
Translation: Olga Sviridova
Корректор: Александр Сыромятников
Correction: Alexandre V. Syromiatnikov
По вопросам размещения рекламы: Екатерина Лапина
Интернет-версии каталога:
Разработка и поддержка: Дима Одуванов


Dear Visitors of our web-site! Colleagues, Partners and Clients!

This site is an internet supporting version for our annual luxury catalogue Exclusive Hotels of the World.
Our catalogue has been issuing annually since the year of 2005. It is printed in Russian language for Russian speaking travelling auditory and it is still the only annual rating catalogue of its kind in Russia.

The catalogue's mission is to gather truly the best of the best hotels in the most popular and prestigious locations in the world on the opinion of Russian travel professionals and their experienced up-market clientele. The catalogue collects our choice of luxury hotels with the winners of last Conde Nast Travelers and Travel & Leisure readers ratings, AAA awards and Russian corporate travel agencies, tour operators and their VIP clients preferences. We believe that it is really the most useful and honest annual index in Russia at the moment to choose a luxury hotel worldwide from. Our catalogue is exclusively supported by this web-site: www.exclusivehotels.ru and it’s resorts part is also supported by www.exclusive-resorts.ru (will be open soon).

We provide services for all participants of the market: from travel reservations and consultancy for representing hotels for Russia and CIS travel agents and corporate clients, marketing services and editing (doing annual questionings, editing the catalogue and the web-site for Exclusive Hotels of the World, as well as for Castles of the World), supporting program including informational, visas and reservations support of all participating hotels. MICE programs for travel professionals and corporate clients worldwide. Advertising services for luxury brands in different fields of activities.

All sponsors and hotels presented in the printed catalogue will be complimentary included in both web-catalogues for the whole year until the next edition of the catalogue. This is what we are doing in the year of 2010 after the period of crisis (to describe our future printed catalogue):
* Size – 120 to 150 pages of A4 album format, solid paper, unique cover (designer’s carton).
* Number of copies - 3,000 (up to 5,000 if we are in time to arise number of pages in the catalogue and get agreements for more wide effective distribution).
* Still just one page per one Hotel. From 1 to 3 in the location (meaning city, resort or the island).
Though this year allowed publications of the advertisements in sponsors’ own design (2 pages).
* The catalogue's mission is still the same – Is to make the clients mind wish to go exactly to the presented Hotel and nowhere else. The aim is to form the demand on it but not to satisfy a demand on the information (maximum information is presented on the participant hotels on our web-sites). That is why hotels descriptions still minimized - just high resolution varnished photos supported with some literary words about the most unique advantages of the Hotel and pictures meaning “Good for”: Conference, Thalasso/SPA, Golf/Dive/Surf, Honeymoon. This catalogue is not just for 1 season, it's for years. There will be no rates there. Rates levels will be on the web-site only.

Future 5th edition of the catalogue will be prepared for spring travel markets to be more effectively announced and distributed via leading travel agencies and corporate buyers of Russia and CIS countries to become the working instrument on the desk of up-market clients and travel professionals for THE MOST EXCLUSIVE products in the world's most popular destinations.

We provide two options - one full page in your design that will be provided between the destination zones OR double-page spread in the same zones.
We have 6 destination zones: Central & South America, the Caribbeans & Bermuda, Europe, Africa, Middle East & Indian Ocean islands, India & South-East Asia, Asia-Pacific. So you can still choose the location of your advertisement or to accept a sponsorships of some of them. Please, contact us to get all the details, costs and documents.

In anyway the only things we need to receive from you for participation are:
- your agreement for participation (deadline is first decade of March 2011)
- signed Contract, or just order form and payment before the 10th of March
- digital photos you prefer to see in the catalogue (CD or information for downloading) OR converted page in your own design.

Please, inform if you are ready to participate in our 2012 6th edition – we already accept inquires for it.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions or suggestions.

Look forward to further co-operation.
Sincerely yours!

Vladimir Okorokov
Managing Director/ Publisher

+7 (495) 960-28-26

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